It's life, Jim

By BoxBootley

Biology practical

In today's lab work we experimented with woodlice. We had to divide our "living area" into four different environments. I did wet/dry and light/dark. I had 12 woodlice, and they all favoured the expected areas. When divided into halves they went for the wet side, and the dark side. When divided into quarters the majority went to the dark and wet side. This was expected due to their natural habitat- usually under rocks. However, this isn't what we were experimenting on. We were observing this new thing we learnt called "kinesis" and "taxis". This experiment focused on kinesis, the rapid, uncoordinated movement of an organism until they reach their desired habitat. In this case the expected mentioned above. It was so interesting to see them move around aimlessly until they could sense their atmosphere approaching, it's like, we just look and move towards where we want to be. We DECIDE where we go, but they can't do that. Their bodies do that for them. It's so fascinating and I just wanted to share this little experiment with everyone. 

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