Romance is

Supersonic.........................and lives in our sitting room today.............
I had to look up Romance after I had accidentally made a mono image and remembered that it was Monday to see how it could fit my photograph in to the brief. Its not too I will submit it.
Thanks to Marlieske for hosting
Romantic..................of, characterized by, or suggestive of an idealized view of reality.
synonyms: picturesque, fairytale; 
beautiful, lovely, charming, delightful, pretty

So I have been remiss in not blipping for the last few days as I do need some sleep in the 24 hours of each day.
Today Mr AF was very efficient and completed lots of tasks and I faffed around but did spend a very good afternoon with other Granny of M and J and we had a lot of fun, including M doing a jigsaw that her mother had done as a child. J was such a good teacher when she got stuck. My contribution to the children's knowledge was to show them a whole fish which we would eat later. J was quite fascinated by its eye and the gills and the mouth and scales. It did smell slightly fishy and M and other Granny were slightly repulsed. Then they did drawing and J drew on the big sheet of paper and then he decided to turn it in to a big plane and fly it across the room. This is what is occurring here.............. I am going to stop the writing as my cursor seems to be playing up. I will add some pictures as extra. J took the picture of his other Granny.

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