the electricatious enwirementated faff-O-tron

I feel I should have been sympathetically agitated with the activities two floors beneath at work this morning but preferred stoicism to flap. I did become mildly irritated when it turned out that SOMEONE had defined one script in lowercase rather than the proper case indicated on the specification document but it took a mere five minutes to fix. Possibly in response to various work-thinking quests I did find myself eating a large volume of crap throughout the day and still have my apples in my bag, eschewing them in favour of less nutritious but more comforting biscuits and the sugared fruits of the easter parrot. After meeting this gentleperson (still blip-lapsing which I tried to discourage) for a coffee in the evening I regained some health-dignity with a longish walk through the swiftly increasing cold and some beany-vegetablish-rice stuff when I got home. I have since done little apart from sit in the same spot connecting, disconnecting and reconnecting various USB devices in order to get my nice new MP3 player flash-updated and stocked with pretty musics and to remove similar informations from my phone whence they need no longer be played (alongside the accompanying hiss Nokia sees fit to have the N95 emit alongside the intended sound) and (with a wee stretch off the sofa) fish out the micro-normal SD converting plastic-thing in order to be able to transfer stuff from the phone to player without having to stick a computer between them.

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