By loisbiz

No Romance for him

Mono Monday challenge is Romance.......but this squirrel was not getting even a snuggle or nose bump......the other two squirrels on the deck were giving him any respect! He was not allowed anywhere the feeders which were being guarded by the other two squirrels. You ask, "What? Are you feeding the squirrels?"......No, not me; but hubby thinks they are cute and he bought a big bag of squirrel food for them.  I am not too happy about it....so probably no romance with us either.   :-((

No, Quicken had no answers for my problem; we found a temporary fix so that I could continue by reconciling my account......but I will need to go back and make sure the problem is a Quicken glitch and not an error I made.......that means going back over  back statements to make sure my entries are absolutely correct and that my bank balance is perfect! The end of the year is the worst time for this to happen. Oh well, it will be okay....I WILL figure it out. 

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