Cultural Blip - Architecture

I’m running out of time to participate in the current blip challenge, cultural Blip - Architecture!

Apart from the many temples I could have taken, I’ve settled for Hong Kong’s MOST iconic building, The Bank of China Tower! The zigzag-y building on the left!

I have loved the design of this building from before we actually moved to Hong Kong 12 years ago! And I’m still in awe of it every time I see it in town.

It was finished in 1990, so 27 years old, not that old, but ahead of its time in design. It is supposed to look like bamboo growing ... maybe you can read about if it you have time:

It does have a viewing deck but the one and only time I actually went to see if we could get there (with Mr & Mrs CBL) they said it was closed and had been for a while :(. Such a shame. I should go back and see if that’s still the case. I live in hope.

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