Swinging Around

Mr AF picked him up from school and as I was desperate to go for a walk he had to be fully clothed so his wellies and warm things had to be brought out. We went the usual road to the Farm before it closed and he knows what he wants to see there. I always have a good conversation with him and we exchange ideas..............he is only 5 but the most inquisitive boy in the world about how and why things work etc. His other Granny told me that his Dad was the same.
I took his advice on throwing stones in to water........ He took my advice about not going in to the wet jumpy cow...........I heard another Mum saying that hers were soaked.

I'll put other shots in extra to save me writing more..................   

Grandchildren do help you to learn more as when we got back home he wanted to look at our glass doorstop and wondered how it was made..............so then we had to look on line as to how that was done and it entertained Mr AF and myself...... Its under zero degrees here now and my new clock / temperature  thermometer has been applied to the shed. Very handy. The new pot will go out soon and be filled. 

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