By captainbob


Usual chaotic nightmare getting out off Kathmandu. In my naivety I though perhaps the road might improve a little. Ha! They make the track from Craobh to Ardfern look like a motorway. After negotiating the first series of hair raising switchbacks bounded by sheer drops and on a road surface of sand, mud, and potholes, even the driver of the jeep admitted "very dangerous road" when we stopped for lunch. Had a quick look at his tyres and, like that bit on the back of my head only seen when the barber holds up the mirror, bald! Thought it prudent to keep quiet about it. For the next half dispensed with sand and went for boulders as a surface. Don't know what the life expectancy of vehicles is here but we only occasionally got out of 2nd gear. Finally reached Tarkeghyang and the Hotel Yangri Peak. Grand name for what we're to find was typical guest house. Taken in our stride though. Visited friend of Dawa from Langtang and invited in for tea and biscuits, Nepalese style. Dawa also knew owner of the guest house, and more importantly, that he brewed his own Ratski (local rice spirit) Not quite The Macallan. All travails getting here rewarded by the surroundings and the blue sky. That's right fellow Scots, there really is such a thing, and sometimes every day. All feeling excited if a teeniest bit apprehensive. Those hills look awfully high.

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