The Mammal's Perspective

By Esper

Little Luxuries

The other present I bought for myself on Sunday after cheering on the runners in the Osaka Marathon. I've been watching my Star Trek Beyond DVD in installments this week and just finished watching it tonight. This is my favourite of the Kelvin timeline movies; Chris Pine's portrayal of Captain Kirk is perfect, with the same effortless charm of William Shatner's original. Karl Urban steals every scene he is in, and he and Zachary Quinto now have the same magic chemistry that DeForrest Kelley and Leonard Nimoy shared. 

Along with this cinematic Star Trek, I am also enjoying reading the Star Trek book which Valerie bought me back from Spokane. Today I read the novella of one of my favourite classic Trek episodes, The Gallileo Seven. At the risk of receiving a Star Trek overdose, let's indulge in the brilliant epilogue of that episode (complete with a silly but funny subtitle.)

Logical Desperation

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