Advent Eve

In preparation for Advent Sunday and the start of the season, I have spent all day decorating the house, making two wreaths and generally deciding what feeling I'd like to create. A whole house to play with!

It's been a drippy day outdoors so this was a perfect activity for the day. I decided to concentrate the decorations to the windows and the sills, and to mainly use white, green and gold/silver. That meant rejecting almost all the Christmas stuff as it is really red - it can come out another year. 

This red window(the only one that IS red!) is in the hallway, where we pass by numerous times a day. The black metal "thing" is the 3 kings holding a plate with incense and other pungent things. I bought it many years ago in Norway and understand that the kings come out this weekend and are lit right through the season. The very special smell says "Christmas" to me more than anything else. The red fruits hanging in the window were my Mother-in-law, Doreen's, making then extra special. She LOVED her decorations and there were plenty for all of us when we broke her home up.

I did a very Swedish thing today, and changed the curtains for Christmas, something that always amuses Keith. In our childhood homes there were curtains, and they stayed there till they were thrown away, here people change according to the season. Christmas, Easter, Mid-summer...

At 7 o'clock I ended up in the cellar fiddling with fir branches and secateurs  - but now I feel enough is probably enough and two green wreaths are hanging on both front doors. One needs some more ribbon but that will have to wait till tomorrow as I am feeling like it might be time for a sit down and a nice drink of water!

One very nice aspect of today was sticking some of the origami stars up as part of the decorations. I have made so many, and now they start coming into their own. Here's a link to a rather sweet video explanation:
5-pointed star

The star really is the business in Advent, leading the way forward. I usually have a star in my Christmas card design, even for people who are not Christian starlight has a powerful positive message. Reminds us where we come from too, stardust!

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