By captainbob

Head in the clouds

Early (ish) start and some serious walking today. Described in their inimitable fashion as a little bit down then up, up, up. No kidding! After dropping down to bottom of valley, 1150+ mtrs climb. Any steeper and we would have needed ropes. Air getting thinner and took 6 hrs including several stops to breathe and beg for mercy. However, slow and steady did it and what a view from the top of the ridge. Nice guest house here. Thought we were just stopping for a rest and late lunch so great relief when told this was it.

Another aquaintance of Dawa so he was on the Raski again. A pattern is beginning tp emerge! Spoke to the young boy who worked for the owner and who had passed us on the way up. He said takes him 1.5hrs to go down and about 4 hrs to climb up, depending on how much he has to carry. And he wore wellies! Makes one feel a bit of a wimp.

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