A Good Day

Despite a rocky start (my bus didn't turn up so I had to do a lot of waiting and walking in the cold to get 2 other buses, then was slightly late to work), today has been a very good day. Work was manic (but the good kind); I had to pop to BCFC to do a presentation with Tracey about the charity to some students nurses, then it was all hands on deck getting the stuff together for our festive fun packs, chasing people for their Christmas wish lists and starting to plan the next few weeks of collecting, divvying and delivering said wish list items. After work, I met Rich and headed to Stable where I got a tasting board of delightful fruity ciders; Cheeky Cherry, Sheppy's Raspberry, Lilley's Mango, Green Valley Strawberry & Lyme Bay Apricot. I already know I love Lilley's Mango, but my favourite of the other four was definitely the apricot. So smooth. After that we headed to a bit of the German Christmas Market down by the Mailbox that no-one seems to know about to meet Phil, Kie, Harsh and Paul (and, in my case, drink too many mulled alcohols...) before going to scoff delicious curry. Delicious, late curry...

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