Simonside Hills

A beautiful December day, so we decided on a trip out. MrM was hoping to 'find' some of the snow that fell around the Rothbury area a few days ago, but it's warmed up considerably since then, and there was precious little to be seen!

First stop was Branton lakes, where we had a walk with Louie. Lots of birds on the lakes and on the islands, including a very handsome heron who caught a frog as we watched him.

Then, down to Simonside. After a snacklet and coffee, MrM and I walked up to the Beacon on the Simonside Hills - an easy walk and not very far, but just right given that we'd left Louie in the car. Fabulous views in all directions from the shelter on the Beacon, and we're treating it as a recce - some time soon we intend to walk along the ridge in the Blip.

Back down to the car, and in to Rothbury for tea and cake, then home. The venison stew in the slow cooker is almost ready...

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