....on the Milwaukee River; the red and green tugs are The Minnesota (on the left), the Superior (on the right), and the Joey D (the white and black one docked behind the two green and red ones). As you can see it's a gorgeous day today--sunny, calm, and 45 degrees F--a perfect day for taking pictures. We had to laugh as there was a tall lightpole just to my left from where I took this picture, and on top of it sat a seagull. The seagull watched us the entire time we were there, but never flew off. Why was that funny? Because the boat that was docked there, ALSO to my left, was called "Harbor Seagull", & it looked to us like the seagull was guarding the boat! I put a couple pictures in my extras--the one of the ducks I just liked because they were swimming through the reflections from the tug boats and I liked the colors surrounding them!
Tom finished his day 7 of chemo this morning, so is done for another 3 weeks. Yay!  Off to watch the Packers play! Our undefeated Badgers lost to the Ohio Buckeyes last night, but it was a good game, & they've had an exciting season!   :))

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