A camouflaged Snack.
Hecky THUMP! Is that all I shot?
Seems so, with a very ungood couple of days.
Yesterday - car died; got it rescued but was thrown a fierce wobbler when the dash:-
A. Gave a number of dire warnings; one of which I caught a glimpse of was something about Servicing airbags.
B. Took keys out and 2-3-4 lights remained lit on dash.
Due to yesterday's immobility today was devoted to 2-3 shopping excursions.
Turns out it was "only" a dead battery.
NEVER seen those results from a dead/dying battery; fair put the Wlillies up me.
I shot these for "fun" and only just realised it was ALL I shot.
It wasn't ALL I took.
I caught the "646" to "Town head" to either see how the car was or collect it. Turns out I was collecting it.
However in my senile confusion I forgot the camera … … … "
"Oh well, I'll try the phone."
There was a "Blacky" making hay midst a small standard Holly by a front door across the road from the bus stop. A pair of varmints entered the house and it went before the phone went CLICK.
The tree was, however, shoved aside in favour of some "QEGS" Art work in Cranston's. I have yet to see if enbiggerification renders it legible. I missed a possible ace shot inasmuch as one of the artists brought Mam & Gran to see her work & I wasn't fast enough to get Artist & work as a shot.

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