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By BobsBlips

Soup For The Soul

Snow is forecast to hit the UK from this Thursday onwards; with a cold and constant cough I've been doing my best to keep warm.

About three months ago a friend stayed the night and raved about her soupmaker so much so that Mrs BB ordered three at £43 each - one for us and a couple for the childrens Christmas present. I was quite happy to continue making it the 'normal' way and thought it'd be a gimmick. I can only say after using it many times making different soups I'm hooked and can't recommend it highly enough.

We'd walked into Cardiff city centre today for christmas shopping, and on getting home this evening, it didn't take long following a recipe for Ham & Pea soup to be ready to eat. Just a case of chucking it all in the Salter kettle and switching on.........piping hot after about 10-15 minutes!

The blipfoto shows our just poured soups.

The recipe book of various soups is REALLY easy to follow....with puree or chunky soups on offer. If you're stuck for a Christmas gift idea for someone then this is something you can consider!

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