Christmas lights

I love going up to London at this time of year.  The spectacle of the lights in this case just of Piccadilly is wonderful.  The shops all look gorgeous too with festive window displays.  I actually started to feel like Christmas was getting close but in a nice way.  It would be good if we could upload short videos on here as these lights went through various stages of being bright and less bright.. lovely!

It has been a fun day celebrating with a friend whose birthday was on Friday..we have known eachother since we were in nappies and there were a few people there that l hadn't seen for 40 years or so.. amazing.  We had a delicious lunch and then l went on to meet my daughter for a tea treat.. so it has been wall to wall food today. (no supper for me!)  My daughter joined me directly from a job interview.. l do hope she gets it as her current job is not such a happy place for now.  

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