Anne's Daily Encounters

By dutchdelight


Excited kiddoes & their parents at the start of another schoolday.
Not Just another schoolday, but a special one as Sinterklaas and his friends the Black Peters arrived today as to celebrate his boxingday here. The excitement of the children was the same as in other years, but not his arrival. In previous years he could arrive with his sooted helpers on an open chart or on horseback, today they arrived in a police wagon... safeguarded?!
The controversy over his black Peters deepens by the year as the opposers claim racism is openly expressed in this feast and we white Dutch should realise and acknowledge we're racists... I never noticed this in all my life, but than I don't have black roots. There were some children with black skin at this schoolyard and they were as excited as those here in my picture. Black Peters, Coloured Peters, Sooted Peters, White Peters, the kids like them all as they're part of the Sinterklaas fairytale that comes alive on his boxingday.

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