By Topsyturvy

Mouse mocassins

At my Christmas Lunch yesterday, one of the quilters produced this and asked a) what is it? and b) who wants it as it gives me the judders? So I, of course, knew it was definitely a mouse moccasin ... except unfortunately the mocassin maker had forgotten to put a heel on. So perhaps not!
In fact it's an incredibly tough sealskin open thimble, great for quilting, and had come from her American s-i-l. My friend really couldn't cope with the fur and skin thing and no one else seemed bothered so it's now with me. I'm not sure if I'll use it but it can go in my curiosities collection cabinet.
I'm back home now feeling exhausted which seems a bit daft. I've been talking a lot the past couple of days (!) and had a wonderful time catching up - maybe it's a reaction to too much of a good thing!!
Quite a bit to do now. Christmas is definitely looming and my mobility will be limited so a small window of opportunity for getting final bits done ... eek! The extra is Christmas lights around Seven Dials in London - very pretty last night as we walked to a Carol service.

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