Amish Country

The cousins that I stay with have lived in rural Michigan for the last few years as my cousin Jerry is the minister at the Holton United Methodist Church. The area is also Amish country which pleases me as I have Amish/Mennonite roots on my father’s side (though from Ohio). I didn’t see any of the Amish on this trip, but you can see ‘signs‘ of Amish life as you drive along the rural roads. Check out the extra photo for a beautiful Michigan barn - not an Amish farm, but the barn gives a clue to the Scandinavian roots of many families in this area of the US.

It was church for us this morning - I’m always blessed by cousin Jerry’s preaching and am glad when my visit includes a Sunday and I am able to go to church with them. After preaching twice on a Sunday morning, the afternoon is nap and chillax time. It was a beautifully sunny day and I got a short walk in the afternoon. In the evening we played the Downton Abbey board game that I had brought from England - I had introduced cousins Jerry and Claudia to Downton Abbey so I thought they might enjoy the game. We played while DA was playing in the background and we all decided it was a fun game! I won! (See extra photo)

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