Dreary, Dark & Dismal Day

Wide Angle Wednesday – thanks to bobsblips for hosting. The theme using “D &/or R” (for the beginning and end letter of December).
After many weeks of fantastic days of high temperatures and clear skies we woke to “dreary, dark, and dismal” skies this morning.
An indoor day pottering about, and achieving a bit.
This is the view from our door, looking out toward the Pacific Ocean. The lighter part of the land is the barley crop starting to turn golden (you'll have to believe me) and the little protector thingi's to the left are our neighbours hazelnut & olive trees planted about 18 months ago and are doing quite well.

You may remember a couple of days back I posted a beautiful bride in the wild flowers.....I've added more lupins, lakes & mountains into Flickr


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