The 100th Independence Day

We spent the 100th Independence Day of Finland quietly at home. Well, relatively quietly, as the weather permitted flying the drone, so there was a little buzzing in the air for a while.

Having taken this and a few more shots of the farm, I thought how it looked like 100 years ago. Five of the current buildings were there then, but one small barn was not in the same location and the others looked more or less different. Then there were many buildings that have been demolished decades ago and replaced by modern buildings. No buildings were painted.

I have no idea how the garden looked like back then, but I know that the apple trees were planted in the late 20's. When I read the local history book a couple of weeks ago, I learned that there were many apple gardens in the area back then, but the harsh winter 1939-40 killed most of the trees. I wonder how ours survived.

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