Life through the lens...

By ValC


Wide Angle Wednesday.
D for dull.
It tried to brighten but just got worse.
This shot is taken from Hartshead, looking towards Huddersfield, with Castle Hill the highest spot.
I had just been to pick up the Christmas Tree, which is now outside in a bucket of water.
We will bring it in tomorrow, and then my helpers will come on Friday to trim it.

Have been out for lunch with my sister.
We always have a day out just before Christmas. Lovely having a girly get together.
No husbands allowed!
These days there is always a lot of reminiscing. I also learnt a few things about her last holiday with mum and dad at the age of 17, not ever mentioned before! We did have a laugh.
Have decided to do this a bit more often next year.

The lunch was delicious. Good old fashioned home cooking at a nearby pub.
The Brown Horse Coley, Nr. Halifax.
As it was nearly Christmas there were crackers on the table for everyone.
So that is where today's joke came from.

Christmas Cracker joke No. 6

What does Santa suffer from if he gets stuck in a chimney?


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