Jetlagged = shellshocked

I was so tired yesterday that I went to sleep at 9 pm last night and I woke up at 4 am and couldn't get back to sleep any more. Tried all kinds of mindfulness tricks but they didn't work. Head was full of things like the latest Brexit news, Nr 45s M-East shocker, the horrible wildfire in California ...
So I got up and did some mind-numbing stuff instead (what is it with Apple devices that makes it so difficult to get your photo files off them? I don't want to buy more storage but need more space in order to upgrade the phone and iPad, all in all it took 3 hours to clear some space on both). And now I am still confused and cotton wool-headed but I'll try to stay up longer tonight. But what a contrast between the relaxation and lovely warmth last week (even with the threat of an imminent volcano eruption) and now cold grey skies and a world on the verge of more human caused eruptions.

My youngest sister from Italy is coming to stay for a night this weekend, so I have to clean up and clear the guest room and I found this transparent shell-shaped guest towel holder in there and thought it might work for an abstract Blip for today's Abstract Thursday challenge. Don't forget to tag your entries with AT128 !

Thanks very much for your kind comments and stars for yesterday's brave coneflower bud !

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