Everyday Life

By Julez

Ladies Who (Christmas) Lunch

Today I "bunked off" going over to my Mum and Dad's to go and have lunch with The Girls. I used to go out for lunch with them quite often, and I miss going. I said to my Dad that it was for a Christmas meal, and he said that was fine...

In the end we didn't order from the Christmas menu. I had a gorgeous, healthy salmon fishcake for my main, served with lots of roast veg. I wasn't so healthy in my choice of dessert though! (See Extra!)

I booked tonight off work (And I will still have more hours than a regular week!) so that I didn't have to rush. It just so happens that the Christmas market starts tonight, so even though I would have been home in adequate time for work, I can take advantage of being off with a walk around the market! And the odd mulled wine too, I'm sure!

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