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By Sallymair

Doughnut Theatre

My phone network very kindly sent me a message with a barcode for a free Krispy Kreme doughnut. Not being one to look a gift horse in the mouth I ventured out to their shop by the bypass at Hermiston Gait. My chocolate and nut doughnut tasted very nice but was absolutely not worth the £2.10 it should have cost me. How can that be justified?

The picture is of something called the doughnut Theatre which is in front of you as you enter the shop. It is all mechanised and they are produced on a conveyor belt in a very short time.
Nice to visit and have a freebie but I don't think I'll be back - I balk at having to pay 50p in M&S for a jammy doughnut! This puts that into perspective... although I still think 50p is a lot. Even poorer value if you get a traditional ring doughnut and miss out on the bit in the middle!

I think I'm getting old and turning into even more of a grumpy old woman!

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