By HeidiHH


Today I was on a l walk over Clot de Galvany nature reserve with a friend. We walked 11,11 km. She needs to walk for her health, and I went along. Might do that sometimes in the future too. She needs to do the 10km walk 3 times a week.

The rest of the I have suffered another headache. I've had it since I woke up. But I took some pills and went for a walk. It helped, but it came back when I got home. I hope there isn't any chemicals in the house they have used to make me have headaches. When it's warm we have a lot of windows open, but now when it's cold we only do quick ventilation.

Anyway Clot de Galvany is a beautiful place as you can see. The buildings are Arenales de Sol (sands of sun) next to the beach. We walked all the way to the beach and then back and making some twists and turns. Nice day. Not so cold during the day. Tomorrow we might reach 20°C during the day, but nights go down to 5°C.

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