After our early start, we followed the instructions of our Airbnb host, and found our way out to his house in the suburbs of Copenhagen. Very trustingly, he'd left the key to the basement entrance in the children's sand pit in the garden. We rested for a while, expecting him to arrive shortly after us. But when it became clear that he had been held up, we took the train back to central Copenhagen.

We had missed the best weather of the day, and most of the daylight. But we found a couple of pleasant squares. This was Kultorvet, with this lovely plant stall in it, and after dark we also found Hølbro Plads. We'll go back there tomorrow, having suggested it to Arclight as a suitable meeting point.

Walking from Hølbro Plads after eating an early evening meal we were forced off the pavement by a huge gathering of parked bicycles. Apparently nearly 50% of commuters in Copenhagen do so on bikes!

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