Back to pedalling

Just in time for the bad weather I will be ‘immobily’ mobile once again! My new exercise bike has arrived and is all set up. I killed the last one through overuse I think! I hope this one fares better.

It is ideal for helping me get my miles in when plodding is off the agenda.

Leo felt all grown up today as he wrapped and labelled Christmas presents for all of us in the family. It is the first year he has chosen and wrapped everything all by himself. I have been instructed to forget what he bought me as I had to be there to pay up for all his choices! He is so looking forward to handing them over so we can all see what he chose for us.

I had a busy but productive day at work but am definitely running out of steam, so am looking forward to the Christmas break. I finish on the 15th December so not long to last now.

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