Laughing Boy

Here I am posing as the Official Vice-Regal Dog in Charge - or the OVRDC.

I have to tell you about my walk the other day.  We was going to go for a walk around the Lake but because it was such a lovely evening, THEY did decide to go to Karka instead.  I know.  It's a weird name.  According to them what knows everything, otherwise known as Google, Karka is a Kaurna (local Aboriginal Tribe) word meaning crow, which refers to the weird sound a raven makes.  You know - kaaark, kaaark.

Anyway, where was I?  Oh yes.  WE did go to Karka, and I had the best time ever.  There was no-one else there, so they did let me run around lead-less.  I did have the lead on, but there was no-one on the other end of it, so I did run and run and run and run.   Gosh it felt good.  And I did make them laugh, because I was so happy, and I did wear myself out, which was another cause for jubilation, and when we did get back to the car, I had a HUGE drink of water, and I did go to sleep on her lap on the way home, and I did sleep like a dog log all night.

I hope we can go there again soon.

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