By soozaday

A Few Of My Favorite Things

We were out early this morning. The sky over the ocean was pink and grey and thick just below the sun--some folks think it's smoke from the LA fires, but I don't see how it could get up here. Sure looked like smoke though. Here we have the big beautiful Victorian that is right at the beginning of our walk; I noticed that they have lined up their Christmas trees (several) in the big windows, and I expect they'll be fully decorated soon. There is the moon hanging up there on the right, and the sun blasting out of the upstairs window. And way up in the Norfolk pine on the left, maybe a quarter of the way down on a long inside branch is a little black mark--my friend the hawk. Right after I made this picture he  took off in a rush toward a flock of seagulls at the foot of the wharf.

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