By Hillyblips


Icy blasts on top of the Cotswold hills, bundled up but fingers even after a minute going absolutely numb with pain. The camera had only just married with the tripod when the sun disappeared and a huge shower of hail started blasting towards the wall I was hiding behind with four other cameramen. Did catch this Shortie vole hunting though.

Then, you hear it ....'Oh dear! If only you'd come 20 minutes sooner - do you want to see the video?' Now ...........did I? Really? Did I? I knew it was going to be painful but said that I would and yes it was painful!!!!! It was one of those awful moments when you are saying out loud, 'How wonderful and wow what fabulous colours!!!' which they were, but inside you are saying, 'B*******"!' Should have got here 20 minutes sooner!' :))))) Grrrh! 

Not a great day in fact disastrous. Our company accounts from last year had been wiped totally a few weeks ago  however have now been sorted before we are hauled to Her Majesty's pleasure as I did do back-ups. Today I was allowed to touch the program to feed in this quarter's figures but things aren't right. Do Sage not know it's Christmas soon and really don't need this stress and hassle? Another B********!

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