just an ordinary day....

By laineylou3

The tool of my trade

So the WBC this week is 'tool'. I could post a screwdriver ( used this week to change a battery on a flashing dog collar) or a tyre pump (to put air into my slightly flat tyre) or I could DEFINITELY post my coffee maker ( invaluable in dark, cold mornings when I'm trying to get moving) But without a piano I couldn't do my job. Simple. It's the tool of my trade.
It's been show week - 3 productions each night for 2 nights. 'FeeFiFoFum' ( no guesses) has a tricky piano part in a '7 beats in a bar' kind of way. I practiced a couple of nights this week and it reminded me why I do my job and of my love for the piano. I'm a vamping, improvising pianist now who rarely uses music (Clare Munn , Glasgow, would have a fit) but I love it that way.

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