Full Steam ahead

Work this morning was followed by a dash home to get changed and then dashed into town to catch up with the latest steam train excursion to the city. It was a Christmas special to bring visitors to the Christmas market here in Lincoln this weekend. It was due to be Duchess-of-Sutherland which I have seen and blipped before, It broke down the other week so it was replaced by The royal-Scot which is a new one for me so was rather pleased about that, but it always nice to get to see any steam trains. I took a few more shots and for those of you interest 21 more shots can be seen HERE . Afterwards back home for a spot  food then pick Julie up from her Mum & Dads as she has work this evening.
It's been a rather cold day but no snow has reached us yet but they do say we will see some tomorrow so stay safe everyone. 
this evening I will venture back out into the cold and have a walk to the local to watch a local band and probably a couple of beers.

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