A Pattern of Branches

I'm still a kid and love to watch it snowing. The trees in the 'woodland' across the fence made a lovely pattern with their snow laden branches interlinking.

I rang Halim early to cancel today's Arabic lesson. It was snowing heavily. Our drive was covered and I know it can be very difficult to motor round our road. Not long afterwards, Colin rang to say his Santa event in Coalville had also been cancelled. A shame in a way. Little steam engines running in the snow would have been rather newsworthy. He'd been to the 8 o' clock service attended by just eight people in the congregation, and now he was going to sit in his armchair and enjoy the rest for the rest of the day.

I knew something was supposed to be happening in Loughborough so messaged Aziz. He replied instantly with a photo of reindeer, which were coralled outside The Berber Shop. Naturally, I wanted to see them and we drove into Loughborough at 1 pm. 

I find it difficult to understand why it's supposed to be cruel to exhibit them. They were under cover, their handlers were feeding them constantly with carrots and parsnips, the floor was swept continually. I'm sure the company that supplied them is vetted for its treatment of the animals. In the end, they packed up early as far fewer people than expected had turned out in the cold, sleety weather.

In the sense that animals are put on display, you could say that zoos are cruel.

Two young ladies emerged from the sound stage dressed as angels. One was blowing huge bubbles and the other was wearing the kind of wings that belly dancers love. See extras of reindeer, a bubble floating past the Berber Shop, and angels.

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