Christmas market, mark 2

We had a lovely long conversation with Keith's sister Kathryn and her husband Julian this afternoon. We'll be spending Christmas with them and have now got the low down on all the entertainments on offer, loads of them! They live in Suffolk, and today everything is white and the cars are struggling up what they refer to as "the hill" on their summer tyres. It felt good to touch base before descending upon them.

Then we had an appointment with a Christmas market in the old part of the town. This is the first time it's been organised and I'm sure it will be happening again. There were crowds of people there, pondering over an interesting variety of stalls. Some school classes making money for a school trip, some charities selling cards and individual craftsmen and women who had knitted socks and suchlike for sale. 

Lions were there with their Christmas flea market wares, and that became my blip. It was very pretty since there was a nice layer of fresh snow, and enormous flakes floating down. It was all a bit magical really, and people were so good-humoured in the crush.

I bought a new lightbridge and was given one that doesn't work for nothing - they are so happy to be shut of the stuff!  It just needed a couple of new bulbs, so now I have another light bridge to light up our lives. I helped out for a while, organising cloths into a more attractive display, as I stood there doing that, quite a few were purchased. Lions made well over £300, excluding the payments using Swish via the mobile phone. Another pile of cash for cancer research up the road in Umeå at the teaching hospital!

At 6 o'clock we went to an introduction to "Vänster" the left party we are members of. It was for newcomers and interested people. Just 4 of us newbies were there - and we knew each other which made for a relaxed political chat. It was very good to be amongst people who have broadly the same position on some of the issues of the day, the 3 men from the local party were well versed and good presenters, it was interesting and encouraging too. Thinking people who are thinking is always interesting.

I knitted a bit madly this morning as I listened to the church service on the radio - I am behind on my first commission. I NEVER make anything to order as I don't like the pressure... and sure enough the first hat I knit was too big, so I have another one to make....  I sat in the political meeting knitting, knitting, knitting. Nearly finished. 

The service was very good, just a cello, a piano and a single female voice, and two speakers. One of them is a priest from the south of the country, he is also a satirical cartoonist, he does brave and cutting stuff - Wisti, one of my facebook favourites. The theme for the day was the kingdom of God is very near. I found it moving, and perfect for contemplation of the pieces of heaven we can glimpse here and there in our "everyday" lives. Such as at tthe archive, amongst the gorgeous papers, or in the second hand shop with Mr Tattoo and the virgin Mary statue, or inthe glorious snow-covered world outside my window. You can see some of that in the extra, it's from the upstairs sitting room, the white Amaryllis are genuine paper.

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