Lacecap Hydrangea

My Tiny Tuesday entry with the theme of "Seasonal".  
Had a quick pootle around the garden to find something tiny, and settled on the Lacecap Hydrangea which is just budding up.  They are still very tiny, and as I was (trying) to focus I noticed some webs......scouted about and found the culprit.  
I'm thinking there is a death here, and am struggling to sort out which is what.  Obviously the long legs belong to the teeny spider.
Anyhoo, here it is, I reckon the buds look like mini pumpkins.

Woke to rain this morning and cooler temperatures.....even had to put a sweatshirt on.  All up 12mm which in the old readings is almost a half an inch.  Not to be sneezed at.

Second cricket test against West Indies won in four days.....good boys.


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