Pictorial blethers

By blethers

Fiery dawn

The fierce-looking sky just before 8am today should have warned of the change in the weather, if the shepherds are to be believed ... At this point it was still cold, there was still snow on the ground. Now, 14 hours later, it's raining heavily and the temperature has risen to a balmy 3ºC. Most of the snow has gone. 

I'm including two extra photos tonight. The first was taken shortly after the main pic, and shows one of our absurd passenger ferries from the town pier to the railhead in Gourock, sailing over a pink sea under a yellow sky. Zooming in on the ferry selected the strange colours for me; the seagull was a bonus. The second photo shows our choir, 8+1, assembling in the still-perishing church to rehearse for our carol service on Sunday. Two of our number are missing - one on holiday (she'll be back, we hope!) and one because of family circumstances. But take a look at the clothes everyone's wearing - you'd think we were going carolling round the town rather than staying indoors...

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