Marsupium Photography

By magi


Another opportunity missed. Paolozzi's Manuscript of Monte Cassino is being moved to make room for the new gyratory. It's been on my list of photos to take.

I do love Paolozzi's art work and I regularly feature it. I was always fascinated by the Manuscript of Monte Cassino commemorating the battle of Monte Cassino towards the end of the WW2 in Southern Italy ending with lots of killed soldiers and the monetary bombed to the ground by the Americans. Luckily the monks and the priceless treasures were evacuated to the Vatican just in time. Paolozzi's family is from the area in Southern Italy, Paolozzi was born nearby in Leith and the sculpture was designed specifically for this space. So the site is quite significant.

We shall see what is going to happen to Picardy Place but the proposed urban motorway feeding cars to the new St James Centre is just crazy and out of the 60ies. I do wonder about the city's priorities. Wandered along Rose Street. It is minging when it should be a prime pedestrian street. The pavement is falling apart and it's full of vans and cars (causal).

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