By Livingandloving

The Lights

Friday, Sugar went to her cousin's after school, while I finished up work.  Then, I picked her up, and we got fuel for the Jeep...and fuel for us.  We shared a delicious pulled pork sandwich and fries.  It was Sugar's first time at a newish place in town, and she liked it. 

We headed out to see some lovely lights......and to watch some friends sing.  It was a group from her old school, and she was excited to connect with friends she hasn't seen since June.  The environment didn't lend itself to connection, and she was a bit disappointed in that, but she was able to send smiles towards her friends, and she caught a few smiles back.  It was a beautiful night, and I took a few shots, and then forgot to capture the rest of the evening.  It is my first time at this spot with less than 10 shots.  I usually take 50 or more.  I got sidetracked with chatting.  Oops. 

We got home on the late side, but Sugar was excited to start a puzzle my cousin handed down to us, so we did.  Great start to a fun weekend.

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