Sunshine On My Citizenship Birthday

Up like a lark and look at the sun plus vivid blue sky .Over to Rathaus Schmargendorf  where after form signing and reading an official statement out loud I was greeted as a German citizen. It was a sort of birthday. My  British birthday is in July and now I have a German winter birthday . In the collage you see the sky  and also the Christmas tree which was inside. Centre is a beautiful document which is my citizenship document.
Outside the sun was in my eyes  & a Swedish lady took my photo. Her friend from Albania had his document.We are all citizens of a wonderful world. Let's keep it so and work for peace .I'm able to keep my British citizenship .Today has been so very, very, special .
On January 9th 2018 I have an appointment at the Bürgeramt  for my passport and ID card .

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