Blue Hour At The River

Same place, different time of day - again! Not that you'd know it, as the river wasn't visible in the past two days' shots! This is a first for me - I've never tried a 'blue hour' shot at the river before. In fact, this was taken nearly a full hour after sunset but I read that blue hour is actually up to twenty minutes after sunset - where's the logic in that??? It did feel a little strange standing there in almost total darkness with no one else around except for a single dog walker and his dog (who wore a little blue light on his collar - how cool is that!). I've done hardly anything to this image - it seemed wrong to bring up the shadows, as I couldn't see into them myself - it was so dark, I had to be careful that neither the tripod nor I ended up in the river, especially as it was muddy and slippery! :))

Other than that, my day has revolved largely around jobs at home - it's not been a great day weather-wise, so it was a good time to do some catching up. I also had a bit of sorting to do on the computer. A very helpful friend came round yesterday evening to set up a large storage device for me and set it moving all my photos from the computer - through Lightroom, so that it would still be able to find them. By the morning, it was all done - only six images failed to transfer and I've no idea why, as there appears to be nothing unusual about them!

Thank you all so much for all the great comments, stars and hearts over the past couple of days for this lovely location - most kind of you!

Ann :))

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