North South Track

Went for a MTB ride with Jeff, Darryl and the Finnish coach in residence, Atonia. The North South track is a MTB track starting at Glenorchy MTB park and finishing at The Springs, a really great challenging ride up to about 750m. I was very grateful to be able to borrow one of Darryl's superb bikes, which made the climb a lot more fun and less of a drag. After a wee snack at the springs, we pushed onto the summit, where this photo is taken.
Soon we were wizzing back down the hill, met up with Jeff again and then began the single track descent back to the cars. This was going well and I was getting the feel of the bike, however I got a bit cocky, and totally lost control towards the end of the ride. Smashed my thigh on a rock and just lay there for about 10mins trying not to be sick. The nausea subsided and I gingerly made my way down the hill. Won't be running for a week or so!
Had a great BBQ in the evening at Mike and Jane's, with Angela, Mark, Antonia, Sally, Jeff, and Charlotte.

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