By Hillyblips


Huge battles over the field tonight - every bird for himself. Every bird too guarding it's territory and every bird fighting for prime position which in this case was the perch which gives the eagled eyed chance to sit and spot rodents scurrying in the grasses.

The shortie kept flying onto the perch which the kestrel thought was her own. Feisty  and a lot smaller the kestrel kept diving in to dislodge the owl and reclaim  her position. The owl fought back hard and here got in high to dive bomb the kestrel who dropped her body down to make less of a target for those talons! Time after time  they fought, tired and fought again. If only they had been closer but it was quite a thing to watch. The skulking pheasant throughout just stood stock still watching. 

The owls were even chasing off each other. Lack of food would mean life or death here in the wintery blasts on the hill top.

The brave little kestrel conceded in the end and flew to the wall just waiting it's moment to return.

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