By scribbler

NaNoWriMo report

All in a day's work walk. Seen on the way to the P.O.

This year's NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) saw the start of a new novel—I made small but significant progress—and now it's time for Ho-Ho-Ho.


Tis the day after NaNo,
I'm Wri-ming no Mo.
(For sure in the New Year
more scribbling's in store.)

I've certainly missed you,
your comments and posts.
This holiday season
I greet you with toasts.

I'll try to catch up now
with your lives and lore
and soon entertain you
with backblips galore.

But I am slowed down some
with lots on my list
so please don't forget me.
Blip friendship is bliss.

(1) Messy parking lot on a gloomy day.
(2) The treasures I spied there.

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