Jack Frost

Rich had a much needed day off work today so we had an outing to Salami first thing for a chill out and coffee (Little Dog now has a Christmas present too, shhhh!)  Rich dropped me off at the Pancake Stone and Little Dog charged uphill full of beans; quite different up there today compared to yesterday with plenty of ice around and a lovely drop of blue sky between the showers which we missed.

Once home, the temperature had risen acceptably for a delightful touch of pedalling around the block - chilly out but snug in my kit.

I then exposed myself to Christmas commercialism for an allotted 30 minutes on the parking meter.  That was enough!

My BlipBook is currently being uploaded to Blurb to await a significant promotion and I'm hoping it's finished by the time we want to watch a film otherwise I could be in big trouble!

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