Crested Grebes

Myself, oldTimer & my3sons headed up country to photograph the nesting Grebes at Lake Alexandrina and the lupins which are now past their best (just).
A sad story awaited us at the first place.....we had a local to show us where the nest was.  Sadly a cat/stoat/dog attacked the nest last night and killed the parent that was on the nest, he said all was well yesterday.  This makes me so sad for the grebe family as there are not many pairs.  He was going to set a trap to hopefully get the culprit.  Such a shame.
We then drove to another part of the lake and found a nest and a pair.
Very difficult conditions for photography, with dappled light, branches in the way of us, but we persevered and managed to get a shot or two.
I've put some other in extra's as I still have some available and best to use them ASAP.
We have had a smashing day....great company, great weather, great locations......we sure live in a wonderful area.


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