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Still Life With Shadow (Friday 15th December 2017)

The light momentarily shone onto some bottles in the conservatory and through the french window into the living room to create this shadow of a bottle of Jim Beam apple liqueur. I did a bit of fartnarkling in Instagram and copied the result back to my PC via Dropbox and cropped it. Modern life, eh?

Thanks to Nickimags888 for hosting Still Life.

16.12.2017 (1327 hr)

Blip #2295 (#2545 including 250 archived blips)
Consecutive Blip #000
Blips/Extras In 2017 #357
Day #2823 (529 gaps from 26 March 2010)
LOTD #1530 (#1683 including 153 on archived blips)

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Taken with Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX100
(1/160, F5.6, ISO400, 10.9mm)

Lozarhythm Of The Day:
The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown - The Lord Doesn't Want You (recorded 1969, Jabberwocky Studios, Puddletown, Dorset)
New to me was this piece created by Arthur Brown in 1969 with bandmates including one Android Funnell (actually Andy Rickell from High Tide) and Drachen Theaker (also from High Tide, but also the amazing drummer on Love's Four Sail album), but not released until Strangeland in 1988. It is included on the cover disc for Mojo 291 (Feb 2018) and is described as "gibbering free-funk anti-gospel", a whole new genre!

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