Occasionally Focused

By tsuken

New room

We decided yesterday that missy-moo's big loft bed was 1. too close to the ceiling for her growing self; 2. contributing to the clutter and mess (because of its own size, because of where in the room it had to be situated, and because underneath it was a perfect space for stuff to be stuffed...).

So ... IKEA.

Bed, desk, bedside table, under-bed storage, shelf thing for on the desk, drawers for under the desk. I managed to get it all put together yesterday, and here is missy-moo enjoying it. 8)

In other news, lorikeets popped in. Somewhat unusually, it looks like it was the male who actually came down to the deck (and ended up looking like the iPhone's "stage light" effect). I'm not sure whether the one high up in a tree was its mate or its offspring.

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