MonoMonday 204: FlyOver

Of late the Sandhill Cranes have been flying, in their large trailing Vs, into our area. Our house must be on a 'traditional' flyway route or something because we see and hear them throughout the day. They are heading toward Paynes Prairie, where many thousands of them congregate for the winter. This year, thanks to Hurricane Erma and a generally wetter than usual year, a lot of the Prairie is underwater. I'm sure that they'll 'go with the flow' and find other feeding grounds. At least I hope that's the case! 
This group, in mono for today's challenge, flew over us this morning. 
I noticed that I still have 11 *extras* to today I've included some shots I took at Sweetwater Wetlands; Two Sandhills flying over, a Great Egret, an American Bittern and a Wood Stork (resting apparently). Please enjoy! :)

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