You're been watched !

We have had a few problems with people getting into the yard at work and stealing stock. The other week we had a new security system put in to try and sort the problem out. We had 4 of these installed around the yard. They are designed to capture any movement around the yard and will film it. They also send a signal to a centre that can view what it is filming. 
Last night or should I say early this morning at 12.45 am I got a phone call to say they had been triggered  and could I attend they also put a call out to the police to attend. 
when I arrived there was 2 police officers waiting outside the gates for me. I turns out tho it was them that had triggered it off. They was from the dog training department who often use our yard and sheds to train the  police dogs to search out unwanted guests. They wasn't aware of our new security system and had used a key that they have to enter the yard and was startled by loud noise and a voice telling them they was been watched. 
So they was very embarrassed and apologetic for getting me called out at such an unearthly time. I said no problems at least we know the system works and is effective even if it was a false alarm . 
Once back home it was a case of trying to get warm and settled down to sleep and then back up 4.1/2 hours later for work the joys of living close to work and been a key holder .

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